The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Beauty Bag Review

One of the gifts I recieved for Christmas was The Wild Argan Oil Set from the Body Shop and now that I’ve used all the products enough to talk about them I thought it could be a good idea to write a post on it.

I apologize in advance that I don’t have the proper photos for this. When I got this gift I hadn’t started a blog and I had no intention to, so I had no reason to take photos. I tried to look up the set online but for some weird reason that set is no longer on the website (but the same sets from all other ranges are) I don’t know if it will be back, I will update this post if it is, but all the products are still sold individually so I will link them all so you can check it out if you’re interested.

Just to give you an idea; the set I tried out  looks like this:


This one includes a mini shower gel, hand cream and body butter and it comes in a half sheer makeup bag.(It looks small at first but when you take out the paper there is quite a bit of space to use as a makeup bag) It retails for £12.00 (I checked the prize for a gift, wow, how rude) There are also two other sets that come in a box and  include more products. The first one is called “Prime Selection” and retails for £30.00, and includes(with individual prices):

  • Shower gel 250ml (£5.00)
  • Body Butter 200ml (£15.00)
  • Body Scrub 50ml (£6.00)
  • Body Mist 100ml (£8.00)
  • Hand Cream 30ml (£4.00)

The other set is called “Essentials Selection” and retails for £20.00, including:

  • Shower gel 250ml (£5.00)
  • Body Butter 50ml (£6.00)
  • Body Scrub 50ml (£6.00)
  • Soap 100g (£2.00)
  • Mini Bath Lily (£2.00)

The Body shop is a great place to look for gifts. They also have different sets that include more part-focused sets like handcare or skincare and the retail prices are good considering the individual prices of the products. If you want to take a look go ahead. They also have a bunch of other ranges like tea tree oil and coconut and shea butter so there are a lot of options.

The proucts I’ve tried were the Body Butter, Hand Cream and Shower gel from the Argan Oil series. I’m done all the way with the shower gel, around halfway with the handcream and hit the pan on multipşe parts on the body butter.


(x) Shower Gel: At first when I tried the shower gel I didn’t see anything significant about it, and it doesn’t have the soft nice argan oil smell either so I thought it wasn’t worth it. Later on, however; I noticed that it is quite moisturizing. I normally use an in-shower moisturizer so I didn’t see it at first- and I didn’t really pay attention to that because I’ve never used a shower gel that actually moisturizes. I’m guilty of taking way too hot showers so my skin gets really dry and I makeup or it with in shower AND after shower moisturizers, but on a lazy “do I really need to moisturize in shower?” kinda day I noticed that when I use this my skin doesn’t get that dry. It’s not an increedible product that everyone must try but if you have a problem with dry skin this could be good for  you. Other than that there is really nothing special about it.


(x) Body Butter: I’ll say this before anything else: I think this product is overrated. It’s really not worth all the hype it gets and the whole “we never have stock in shops and it runs out immediately on the website” thing. It is moisturizing, and has a nice smell, but it’s nothing magical. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t leave an oily layer on the skin and is absorbed easily, but I found it harder to use as my skin is already dry and it’s not as moisturizing as body lotions or oils. I find body oils are the best for moisturizing skin as they get absorbed by the skin immediately and generally contain more natural ingriedients. Overall, while it’s not a bad product it is my least favorite out of the three and I know for a fact that I wont be buying it again.


(x) Hand Cream: After the disappointment I had with the body butter, this product made up for it. One of the disadvantages of having dry skin (as I mentioned it a hundred times in this post) is that in cold winter days it gets even more dry and in worse cases like mine your hands and face (the parts you can’t cover up under layers of clothes) get so dry that they start to peel off. While makeup and lots of lip balm is enough to protect your face, the hands aren’t as lucky and the only solution is to apply lots on lots of hand cream. In those cold winter days, this cream was my saviour. First of all, it smells AMAZING. I can barely resist the urge to constantly smell my hands ( everyone that asked me for handcream shared the same love for the smell) . Second of all, it is really moisturizing but not too oily, it helped moisturize my skin enough to not peel off, but I never had a problem with having too oily hands. I know for  fact that I will be buying another one of this when the one I have is close to being finished, I think this product is officialy a member of my persistent make up bag.

Overall, while I still think this is a great gift idea, the only product I will keep buying is the hand cream. I haven’t tried the other ranges from Body shop so perhaps I will try those and other products like the scrubs and body mists, and if I do I will write a post on them. What are your opinions on Body Shop products? Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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